Friday, November 7, 2008

Why does this feel like it's going so fast and yet so slow all at the same time?

We count down the weeks and they seem to hit us in rapid succession, one after another but yet, at Week 16 (plus 4 days), Week 40 seems like a far distant future :) Yes, can you tell that I am so impatient for week for to come by and finally meet our little womb tenant!

I am, however, thankful that once we hit Week 13, the nausea subsided, the bloatedness disappeared and it feels wonderful to be able be out and about without gagging everytime I smelled anything remotely food-related. So far, I've gained 6 lbs and as Hubby was going through our wedding video last night, I cannot believe that it was only less than a year ago when I fit into my wedding dress! Ha ha... however, I'm anticipating lots of running around and sleepless nights [well, hopefully not a lot of this cos Mommy is a BEAR when lacking in the sleep department! BUT I guess baby changes me :)] so maybe the weight will melt away.

Having the puppy at home is good training as to what's in store, she's really like a toddler, getting in things that you didn't even think would interest anyone or expect it to be! Her latest craze is toilet paper, we keep the spares in stands in 3 of the bathrooms and it's really like warfare tactics to ensure she stays out of it. In any case, I hope she grows out of it cos I don't know how I'm going to handle 2 little rugrats running all over the place! Bama is, thankfully, recovered from her spaying surgery and she seems to not even remember anything about it. I do sometimes miss the times when after the surgery, that all she did was lay about but it's good to have my little girl back!

Right after surgery, the Princess just moped about and here's a shot of her laying on the armrest of the couch as she kept me company as I studied.

The 4 inch scar after those nasty stitches were removed!

Hmmm... why you mumbling to yourself Mommy???? You would too Bama if you were trying to memorize this alternative minimum tax formula!

Okay, I wanna go out now!

I do need to mention the Hubby in this post as well because the poor man must feel like Baby is #1, Puppy is #2, Cravings is #3 etc and that he's at the bottom of the list! :) He's been so wonderful and supportive it really enriches the whole experience. I can tell he's so excited about having a baby at home and for those of you who know Hubby personally, he's this manly man and always so serious that he may come across as being a grumpus but here he is, talking animatedly about everything from nursery themes, baby names to college funds. Also, since he leaves so early everyday for work and I'm still in bed, not only the Mommy gets a kiss but the baby too and I just love that! Oh, it's also nice to receive 'no reason' flowers and cards.

So yesterday, for some reason I was having this intense craving for the Chik-Fil-A Southwest Chicken salad and since there is not one close by me, I asked Hubby to get it (I've asked before as well and he always forgot!) and this is so cute, he took it upon himself to remember and get me the RIGHT order. Hence, he bypassed the drive thru, went into the store and told the manager that the order must not be messed up as it's for his pregnant wife! Ha ha the Manager took that in good humour and sent Hubby home with a generous and absolutely delicious salad plus a 50% discount! I don't know how he manages to pull things like this off but I guess he did a wonderful job. And in case you're wondering, this little boy craves healthy things, he loves salads and fruit best.

Well, another 3 1/2 weeks till we go for the thorough 20 Week anatomical ultrasound, I simply can't wait! It's been a couple of weeks since we got to have a peek at him!

Okay, time to go back to studying and I'm glad I have a great study companion!