Monday, November 2, 2009

Eli's First Halloween

Halloween this year was a blast for Mommy and Eli. This was our first trick or treating experience and it was a very relaxing night. Hubby was out of town so he missed out on another one of Eli's first :( Nevertheless, the next time he is able to, Eli will be walking and talking and really be able to enjoy the experience.

This year, we just went around our part of the subdivision (we're in like a little satelite group off of the main subdivision with about 50 homes). We started out at about 7pm and I got a chance to meet new neighbors, visit with the ones we know and show Eli off and I really had no intention of racking in the candy but everyone kept stuffing goodies into Eli's bag, even when it was bursting at the seams, they kept forcing more candy in... I will need to bring a wagon the next time we go :)))))

Here are some pictures to enjoy.

At the pumpkin patch with Daddy a few weekends back picking out the perfect pumpkin. You can tell that he reeeeallly wanted this one. He could actually lift the thing off the ground!

My little dinosaur is all decked out and waiting patiently for Mommy to get ready

Dino likes flowers!

I love my sister, Bama and she loves me. I tug at her ear and she nibbles/licks on my fingers!

Come on Mommy, we gotta go trick or treating! I was kinda disappointed that the outfit didn't have a tail but still, I thought he was the cutest dinosaur ever :)

First stop, is our neighbor right across the street and Ms Mary Anne gave me something I could actually EAT :)

Not too sure what to make of this little baby, he sings "I feel good!" and wiggles his bottom... I think he is kinda funny.

All knackered out. The Dino was actually SNORING, it was hillarious!

Home with our bounty... life's good being a dinosaur!

We hope you had as fun a Halloween as we did!

Eli - 6 months

This is long overdue but as with everything in life, better late than never :)

October 7th marked Eli's 1/2 year birthday and with every milestone it seems, a visit to the pediatrician was in order. This time around, it was for his 2 vaccination shots and the regular flu shot.

He was a happy baby during the car ride and when we checked in at the front desk, hamming it up for the nurses and the rest of the patients until he saw the nurse from his last visit... I had my back to her and did not realize it until I saw his eyes widen and his lips quiver... how DO babies remember???? It's simply amazing!

This time around, they had some toys in the room which I used to distract him, he did not cry with Shots #1 and #2 but with #3, he realized what was going on but 20 seconds later, he was back to being Mr Happy.

Getting ready to go to the doctor's office

Being cute whilst waiting

More waiting... not sure why they bother with appointments since we have never seen the doctor earlier than 1 hour after arrival!

Looking at the pretty girl in the waiting room... my boy has started young!

The moment of truth, the weigh-in

My itty bitty 5-pounder is 17 whole pounds now... just the perfect size for snuggles and kisses :)