Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First baby purchase

Another exciting event in our household was that we finally made our first baby purchase! We've been going back and forth and looking at a variety of baby furniture and the various stores and finally decided on the Munir*e Newport collection. I have never been so stressed about making a decision, not even when picking out my wedding dress! In any case, I am so glad that that decision is made!

We got the hutch combo, 6 drawer chest, night stand and convertible crib in a darker color as below.

I think the yellow is soothing but Mr. J thinks it's for girls! I guess anything other than his Crimson will not do!

In any case, we don't have it at home yet just because some pieces needs to be ordered and Mr. J wants to paint the baby's room before setting things up.

We're still debating the colors, he wants a sports theme with Alabama Crimson red on the bottom half and the sheerest baby blue on the top half... I am not completely sold on the idea so unless I can come up with a better idea/color scheme, he's just going to go ahead with it! In any case, I don't think I can get off of using the red on the palette, I just hope the baby would not be an angry one looking at all the red around him :( Sigh, I would prefer pastel, "baby" colors with little animals as a theme but I guess that is an exhausting debate!

So I guess we've gotten the biggest part taken care of, now it's time for accessories... car seat, bouncy chair, bottles, clothes etc. Question for all you experienced Mommies out there... what things have you used with your baby/ies that you highly recommend or cannot imagine living without???

Week 21 update

All is well here in the J household! The husband, puppy, baby and I are enjoying my parent's visit from Malaysia. They got in a week before Thanksgiving and hence, we've been visiting places as well as family. It would be a lot nicer if we didn't have to work in that time frame, but it is kind of difficult to avoid that since my parents are visiting for 6 weeks!

I will most definitely miss their company as well as the creature comforts that only parents can bring when they leave on the 27th :( With my mom's cooking, I have finally been able to up my weight. I had gained 5 pounds in the first 3 months and then 2 more at Week 14. But that's where it had stopped cos I was still only 7 pounds up at Week 19 during my checkup. I guess all those salads I consumed didn't stick! In any case, at Week 21, after 3 weeks of Mom's cooking, I gained 2 more pounds!

Everything looked a-okay during our detailed anomally ultrasound scan at Week 19. The Little One was progressing well and in the 85th percentile and I can also tell that he is going to be a handful since he did not keep still long enough for the ultrasound technician to take a good shot... so here are a could of my feisty boy!

Profile shot

Frontal shot

Well son, when you're old enough to read this, your Daddy just HAD to make sure! :) He is so unbelievably excited, he's already planning everything he's going to do with you, he keeps wishing that you were here already!