Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane season

Life has been a whirlwind. I have not seen my husband for the past month, work keeps me busy 70-80 hours a week, I've pretty much have been a single parent to our little BamBam for the past month, that plus studying for the international qualification exam and keeping up the house, I am surprised that I have yet to pass out!

It's finally Labor Day weekend, my husband is home, puppy's happy, almost perfect right? Well it would have been if I am not here in Toronto, Canada, attending a comprehensive 3-day live course of exam preparation classes. On the plus side, I've made new friends and am enjoying their company and exploring the city.

I'm looking forward for Monday when I can finally go home and perhaps spend some cuddle time with my dear hubster... until he told me that he may not be home... they're alerting the Tenn. Guards for a possible mobilisation to Mississippi for the hurricane relief efforts, if God forbid, it turns out horrendous on Monday when the storm is expected to hit.

So I am putting my hands together and lifting my prayers that no more lives will be lost in this raging storm and that Mr. J can be home for a while. We miss each other and I can't wait till our little family is complete once again... even if it's just for a little while.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Eights are GREAT!

08.08.2008 has started out in the best possible way ever imaginable. It truly will be a day seared in our heart's memory regardless of where and when in the future we look back. We are so overjoyed and lift everything up to the Lord, that He blesses us with what He sees fit!

More later, been busy busy busy and the Hubby has been swamped with gathering equipment and supplies as well as coordinating his troop's deployment for a 3 week training camp in the boon docks of Missourri.

I am rather worried as the weather is scorching as well as humid and hope that they are not over-exerted in the field and are overcome with heat exhaustion. He leaves tomorrow at 0400. It shall be a very quiet 3 weeks ahead. Probably for the best since I DO need to start cracking on the IQEX exam anyways if I am going to be half way prepared for the classes in Toronto at the end of the month! Oh well, the little girl and I will man the fort.

We'll be missing you!