Thursday, April 30, 2009

3 weeks

Eli turned 3 weeks a couple of days ago on Tuesday and we've had some good times and some not so good times. The not so good times isn't too serious, it's just that he needs a little less sleep these days and also, for some reason, he thinks that feeding time is a 24-hour buffet... he takes his milk an ounce a time and 'grazes' throughout the day. Something's got to change cos once my mom's gone home and I'm back at work with no one to help me, this will be a miserable time :( Any suggestions how to get him on a schedule?

Other than that, he is such a sweet boy, I think he's got to be at least 6 lbs now, some of his clothes are too tight and I am so excited! Here are some pictures to capture the past week.

Engrossed in the various colors on the book cover. One of our favorite activity once he's fed and clean is to lay in bed and I'll read to him, he looks at the pictures as I read and he seems fascinated by the pictures.

Stop taking pictures Mummy, continue reading please!

Puppy love. His expression is so funny here, it's like he's pleading for the puppy to stop licking!

Starting him young! Cribbage match with his Godparents cum Grandparents.

With the grandmothers! Left to Right: My mother, Mother in Law and my other mother who is also Eli's Godmother/Nana.

His 'squished' expression after being passed around the grandmas :)

Taking his first bath... in a vegetable basin in the kitchen sink. He loves the warm water!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 weeks

Two weeks seem to have flown by so quickly and our little boy is looking more and more grown up with each passing day... not too quickly hopefully as I'm trying to savor every single second!

Nanny Kilshaw is visiting this week from Savannah, Georgia and is completely smittened by her darling angel boy :) She was so excited when the little man took a stellar grip on her finger and here's the happy couple;

Fresh from his first bath content in his Ah Ma's arms.

This look just cracked us up! He looks so much like a little old man :)

"Mother... seriously!!!"

Here's the last one, so precious, perhaps he was dreaming of angels?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A belated post of Eli's first day home. I'll let the pictures do the talking;

Last feed at the hospital before packing up to leave for home.

Daddy strapping me up in the car seat, they don't make these things for babies as tiny as I am!

Not very happy at all.

Special delivery from Mr. Stork.

Some of the decorations Nini Judy put up.

More decorations and even more gadgets. What did we do before these were invented??? I remember when my siblings we young, the only accessory they had was a walker and the rest of the time, they were on a mat or in the crib! Now, we have something for every activity and being first time parents, we're easily suckered :)

Home at last and safely tucked into my bassinet.

With Grandpa and Nini.

3 generations.

One week old

Eli turned one week old last night and we're glad to report that he is so sweet natured (except when he's hungry and the Mummy is being slow with prepping herself for breastfeeding or the supplement milk bottle.. that, and when you change his diaper! He seem to hate the cold). The little one has been sleeping and nursing well and I pray he keeps it up since he needs all the growing he can get being such a tiny little thing!

Anyways, we took him for his first pediatrician visit today and he's progressing well. His one week stats are as follows;

Weight: 5lbs, 11 1/2 oz (almost birth weight, yay!)
Height: 19 inches (one whole inch since birth)
Head: 34 1/2 cm

His circumcision seems to be healing well and so does the umblical cord so hopefully in a few weeks, these areas would be all ready to go :)

Our sweet boy at 1 week old. His daddy thought this was the funniest pose and took this as we were watching Marley & Me yesterday.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today is a special day, it commemorates the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. So here's to the One who gave everything so that we can have something!

Have a blessed Easter everyone, from our family to yours.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And our little family is complete!

After much anticipation, Baby Eli was born on April 7th, 2009 at 9.35pm, weighing in at 5 lbs 11 3/4 oz and measuring 18 inches long.

Our sweet little boy, Mummy and Daddy loves you so very much and are so glad that you're finally here.

Our birth story started over the weekend. My mom arrived from Malaysia on midnight this past Saturday and on Sunday, we went to church together as a family and then us girls branched off to a little shopping. Nothing too interesting, it was mostly to purchase confinement type necessities as well as stocking up the pantry since I had been so swamped at work to do so. It turned out to be a 6 hour expedition.

Nevertheless, the cramping started at 2 am on Monday morning. It came to a point where it was 10 minutes apart and the doctor told us to come in. However, I was still only 1 to 2 cm dialated but the cervix was still up high. After an hour, we got sent back much to Mr J's protests.

The cramping never did stop and just got worse towards Tuesday night and by 3 am on Tuesday, the intensity of the pains had escalated but the frequency was still 10 minutes. Mr J was not going to be refused and called the doctor asking to go to the hospital. I think it was more of he was feeling helpless and not able to soothe my pains!

When we got to the hospital at 11 am, I was 3 to 4 cm dialated and 90% effaced but the cervix was still up high... hmmmm... I progressed to 6 cm within the hour and was more than ready for my epidural! Putting in the IV and epidural was traumatising for me since I have a low tolerance for pain but what a wonderful relief it was after the initial discomfort. It was pretty amazing to look at the monitor and gasp at the magnitude of some of these contractions I was having!

Things started to get tiring and baby was showing some signs of being worn out after 12 hours of this though and by 9 pm, the doctor decided a c-section was best since eventhough I was completely dialated, my pubic bone was too narrow for the baby's head to pass through. I will not lie, I was terrified since I've never had major surgery before but at that point, I would have jumped over a cliff to save my precious little bundle!

Mr J wasn't any better, I know he was terrified as well but put on a brave front and stood by me all the way. To make a long story short, the c-section was quick but yet, felt like forever as I could feel the tugging and hear the conversations but at 9.35pm, I finally got to meet this little man....

Seeing the little one for the very first time. It was a surreal experience to finally meet this perfect little thing.

Daddy's kissies.

A very exhausted Mummy with her sweet boy.

Twice the size of Daddy's palms?

I'm just half asleep Mummy!

Daddy's changing his first diaper.

With Grandma

With Grandpa