Monday, March 30, 2009

A prize!

I came home to a wonderful surprise! My prize from none other than CatCat for winning her weight-guess challenge. See if you can spot it???

The ever-efficient Hubby had put it with the baby stuff in his crib.

Yes, it's the diaper bag and a cute purple clutch! I love them both and cannot wait to put them to use. Thanks Cath!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

35 Weeks and 4 days

March 16, 2009

Today was not only our routine Bio-Physical Profile scan but also our growth scan. The little bub measured 2 days ahead of his gestational age and weighed 5 lbs 9 oz, the doctor was encouraging and said that if he were born today, he'd be a-okay. Never you mind that booboo, you just stay in there and take as much time as you need to rest and grow... I think I shall be a lot more at ease once you reach that 37 week (full term) mark. That's only 5 days away!

What's also exciting today was that the little one was cooperative enough to pose for a profile and face shot and both were enough to illicit oohs and aahs from the ladies :)

Just me chilling and sucking on my fist... got to practice, practice as the Doctor says!

Just look at his chubby cheeks! Mummy can't decide if I look Asian like her or if I look like Daddy... she thinks I have her lips!

Everything seems to be ready and done now... just waiting for THE day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Surprise Shower

March 19, 2009

Unbeknownst to your Mummy, my audit client in their trick-sy manner, threw us a surprise baby shower to celebrate your impending appearance. I think they’re looking forward to a junior auditor or simply a cutesy little thing to cuddle and love on.

Anyways, I really had no idea what was in store for me, I had a meeting with the Controller (which I thought was at 10.30am but it was actually at 10am) and got a call at 10.05 am asking if I was coming and when I made my way upstairs, I met the Controller on my way and as usual, was chatting away with her and she suggested we go see the Assistant Treasurer to discuss a few issues. Again, your blur Mummy is chattering away and then all of a sudden, there’s a loud “SURPRISE!!!!” and I think my temperature went from normal to flushed in a nano-second. Everyone in Accounting was there, the CFO included and I was stunned to say the least!

Your blur Mummy wondering what's going on???! Of course, at this time, I look like I'm about to burst out from my sweater/pants!

Finally realizing what's happening and note the flush... that's Beth, the MasterMind efficiently taking the work stuff away to start the celebration.

The Controller, Beth had put together a diaper cake complete with your nursery’s safari theme plus Daddy’s Alabama football passion. She even made little diaper cupcakes, towel candy and included the cutest little tinkle shield!!!

Beth's handwork on display.

Giggling at the little "tinkle shield"... looks like a little turtle shell.

Close up of the cutesy diaper cake and cupcakes. Note the little shoes complete with the cutest Bama themed socks! The attention to detail is amazing!

There was the yummiest white/chocolate cake with to-die-for frosting and this yummy sprite/ginger ale/orange sherbet punch with little duckies floating on it.

Trying on the cutest little outfit for size!

All in all, I was extremely touched by everyone’s thoughtfulness and kindness, I will have to bring you to meet your extended aunties and uncles. Little buddy, we're so blessed to have such kind and caring people in our lives aren't we?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

This is definitely a truly belated post but still, better late than never. Valentine's Day straddled the weekend this year and Mr. J and I decided to just go away for the weekend and spend some alone time before baby makes his presence. We decided on a whim to go up to Lake Guntersville, Alabama and spend the weekend in the brand new Lodge built up on the hill.

We were blessed with magnificent weather and truly enjoyed our time together doing nothing at all but enjoying each other's company. We toured the park, had unhurried dinner/lunch dates, went golfing (I drove the cart and enjoyed the scenery/weather), shopping. I am so glad we decided to break away together and look forward to doing more of that, even with baby!

The front entrance of the Lodge, love the wooden beams!

Enjoying the fireplace

View from our room

Sunset shared with Mr. J

Stopping by the overlook.... getting rounder everyday

Hitting the greens with Mr J

Baby Shower

Dear Little One - On February 24th, 2009, your Daddy and I rode to work together since your Mommy fried her car, that's another story for another time :) On our way, we stopped by Eddie's Market for Daddy's daily dose of coffee. There, I met Ms. Peggy and Brittney, they both work mornings at the market. Ms. Peggy is probably in her 80s and is one of the sweetest woman I've met and Brittney is in high school a bundle of energy. Both ladies got you a bagful of cute outfits and a pair of the cutest shoes...

Ms Peggy is working on a handmade quilt for you but she wanted you to know that you may not get it until after you get here since her eyes don't work so good anymore and also, she wants to sew on your birtday, weight and height as well. Your Mummy was so touched that these women who do not even know me or you would go out of their way to do something so thoughtful and kind. They even give Daddy free coffee everyday to thank him for his service. Pregnancy hormones or not, I had tears in my eyes by the time we left for work. We will bring you to visit her when you get here for sure.

Daddy picked me up from work in the middle of the morning to go over to his office where a gaggle of people he works with gathered to celebrate YOU.

The makeshift hall was prettily decorated in blue.

The yummy spread.

The gifts.

The yummilicious cake, it was half white and half chocolate cake, both so moist and the the frosting was heaven. Thanks Jami for getting this!

The jokes... Mummy and Daddy enjoying the banter as we open your gifts.

All in all, I was really overwhelmed by the experience, I have never met most of these people, yet they took the time and put the effort to be there to celebrate with us in our time of joy... I feel so blessed to be so lucky! And you, little one, are SO loved!

This is only part of what you got, I've really got to get things organized since the days have a way to just melt away!

He's so sweet!

I know I have been neglecting this blog for the longest time. Busy season, getting ready for the little Bub as well as simply moving around like Humpty Dumpty these past few weeks leaves me with no desire to switch on the laptop to blog in the evenings or weekends!

However, I just had to get on today to give a shout out to my darlingest husband for being the sweetest, most thoughtful man in the world :) I know I have been so bad about remembering to give a pat on the back, it seems that life these days prioritized baby, work, puppy and then Daddy. So honey, I need to remember to tell you just how much you are appreciated!

This coming Friday is my birthday and I will officially place both feet firmly on the road to the 30-somethings! I came home last night to a quick shuffle into the bathroom with strict orders not to look around the house and to take my much needed hot shower (it's sleeting and snowing here in Nashville this week when just this weekend, it's been 80 degree weather!). I knew something was up but I played along cos I could see the Hubby's excitement.

After my shower, I was ushered upstairs, feet propped up, tv remote surrendered to me (big feat since this is usually attached to the Hubster!), puppy securely stationed by me with her head resting on my lap... man, a girl could get used to this!

Minutes later, a homemade dinner spread was laid out in front of me... salmon cake, boiled potatoes, rib eye roast, garlic bread, a cheese biscuit with honey butter and salad... every single morsel of it was wiped clean by yours truly!

Hubby kept apologizing for not being a great cook and I can only look at him in bewilderment! It does not matter that he is not an Iron Chef or Wolfgang Puck, what matters is that he actually took the effort to make something special for me. That alone, was the extra spice which made everything taste outstanding.

I was stuffed to the gills and just when I thought my surprise was over, he starts singing "Happy Birthday" with the most scrumptious little berry-custard tart all dressed up with candles which we shared all cuddled up... more often than not, it's the simple things in life that makes the bumps along the way so worthwhile. What a blissful way to end the evening.

Probably some of you may think what's so special about this... well, you have to know my husband... his idea of cooking is throwing a sausage on the grill or putting together a ham and cheese sandwich or opening up a can of ravioli.... the boy does not tinker with gourmet experiments! So when he does make something from scratch, it's a BIG DEAL :)

I did ask him why the 11th since my birthday is the 13th and his response was that I may have the baby by then! Can you tell that he's so ready for his baby to get here already??? Sometimes I feel like us women have the better end of the whole pregnancy deal albeit we're the ones with the aches and pains and everything else that comes along with it. BUT, we also are the ones who're closest to baby... I am going to miss having this little miracle being in me. I love it when he throws his punches or kicks... he's a lot bigger now and sometimes, I can actually see his footprint on my belly and it never ceases to amaze me... I love it when he stretches, or when he curls up that his little bottom pokes out.... I love the funny feeling when he has hiccups, I just think that is so cute! I really wish my Hubby could somehow experience that with me but alas, perhaps that's our privilege as the incubator!

As we were winding down, I hear the unmistakable sounds of a very passed out/snoring husband and it was one of those "awwww" moments cos the boy had worked so hard to put his surprise together. I absolutely loved every bit of it honey, you’re the best!

I just got a call from the darling man telling me that he’ll make dinner again tonight cos he knows it’s hard for me to be on my feet for long and that my back hurts… did I say that I could really get used to this????

Little Bub, your Daddy is one sweet man and just you wait and see, he’s going to be one Super Daddy as well.

Rest well and grow strong and healthy, your Mummy and Daddy cannot wait to finally meet you whenever you’re ready to see us. Until then, many hugs and kissies!