Monday, December 19, 2011

The wonder of Christmas

It has been heartwarming watching our two and a half year old child just absorb the wonders of the season, he truly believes that Santa will come bearing presents if he is a good boy and we chuckle at just how hard he tries to be good (which he already is most of the time). In my son, I remember fragments of my own childhood, the magic of wishing fervently for a toy or a book, at such a young age, it certainly seems to be the reason for living!

It's been cute watching him make decisions, outweighing the costs/benefits and making the best decisions. When in the past I have to repeat my request to pick up his toys or go to sleep or do something, he does it on the first request now. Last night as we settled into bed, my normally chatty child had a toy in his hand and was busy play acting and didn't want to go to sleep yet so I sighed and talking to myself mentioned having to call Santa about Eli not listening and immediately he says he's listening, puts his toy down and shuts his eyes, two minutes later, his steady breathing signaled that he was asleep...

My child, I wish I could bottle all these memories and never forget them, you are precious to us. May the wonder of Christmas never leave you and may you always remember the reason for the season.

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